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Caravan Mattress Protectors

You never really see it, but a Mattress Protector is a vital part of your bedding.  We don't tend to think about it too much, but a mattress protector will benefit both you and your mattress.

Perspiration and dead skin cells will discolour your mattress over time, making it unsightly and uninviting when you try to sell your caravan on and allergens such as dust mites, dog hairs and bacteria that thrive in the warm conditions of a mattress can trigger asthma and eczema attacks which have a negative impact on your health. OK, that’s enough of the gruesome details !!

Below, you will find a range of mattress protectors with varying properties, all of which have one thing in common, they protect both you and your mattress, promoting comfort, hygiene and a good night’s sleep.

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