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Boat Bedding

Struggling with excess fabric? trapped in an awkward shaped corner? lead over your bed wrestling against yourself to tuck each edge? You've spent time to ensure that your choice of boat is perfect for you, why throw that all away by a rushed, uninformed choice of your boat's bedding?

Here at Snuglux we provide premium, luxurious bedding for all shapes and sizes with a range of beautiful fabrics and a touch of class. Our quality is unquestionable and our service is unrivalled. Our flexibility and adaptability allow us to collectively ensure the product you receive is both comfortable and stylish. Furthermore, our pricing for the bespoke service we offer is both extremely competitive and fair with our customer satisfaction being the pinnacle of our success.

Please do not hesitate to call our enquiry line at
024 7668 4400 for further information, swatches or general questions before purchasing.